Body of Work






Image: Ro Noonan

Chloe Sobejko is a Naturopath, shiatsu therapist, somatic body worker and artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Body of Work is a collaboration between these aspects of her life and work.

Inhabiting a body, whilst attempting to study it objectively, drew Chloe towards a multi-disciplinary practice: merging clinical practice, artistic disciplines and scientific research in order to find a fitting language to articulate her inquiry. Chloe aims to deepen her understanding of how others exist inside themselves, in order to enrich this experience.

Her creative and research practice explores how the body is perceived on both an individual level and within different systems of knowledge. Using her own body as a base material, Chloe is continually searching for parameters of substance, and how they translate within collective, social and political perspectives of what it means to be human.