Body of Work






How Can I Speak For All of Myself (2016)

Over three months, I was part of an ongoing discussion about ethics within creative research among a group of creative researchers as part f the University of Melbourne iDARE conference. The Creative Research Ethics Workshop (CREW) was a collaboration between Pia Ednie-Brown, Elmedin Zunic, Citt Williams, Juliana Espana Keller, Indira Shanahan,  Kate Robertson, Melissa Razuki,  Caitlyn Parry, Chris Kohn, Shannon Owen, Jaden Hastings, Kym Maxwell, Andrew Goodman, Maite Galarza and Myself. My contribution included discussion of my process of gaining ethics approval to use my body during my time at SymbioticA.

Understanding my body as largely dominated by micro-organisms, I contemplated the notion of my body as a multi-species organism and how this prompted shifts in my role as a body in relation to ownership and responsibility.

Image by Kate Robertson